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Qualified and experienced dog trainer and behaviourist in North London

Whether you’re new to dog or puppy ownership and want to learn how to get the most out of your new family member, or your dog is exhibiting behaviour that worries, stresses, or embarrasses you, you’ve come to the right place. I can support you and your dog through effective and ethical training solutions.

Expert Trainer

Expert Trainer

Force-Free Training

Force-Free Training

Modern Techniques

Modern Techniques

My Story

Joe Clarke

I am a dog trainer and behaviourist with over 30 years’ experience, having worked with dogs of all breeds and sizes. During this period, I have also developed a vast knowledge of legislation regarding dogs through my previous role in Local Authority Animal Welfare Management. I therefore have a range of hands-on experience and have acquired a sound knowledge of dealing with dogs with all types of behavioural problems.

My dog training journey began many years ago as an owner of a male Rottweiler. At the time, dog training methods were limited and most of these relied on force and compulsion to demand good behaviour. Immediately, this did not sit right with me, and I made it my goal to seek other methods. This led me to recognise the key role that positive reinforcement plays in motivating a dog’s behaviour. I expanded my knowledge of this approach by engaging with the work of two key behaviourists, Dr Ian Dunbar, and John Rogerson, as well as attending a number of courses and training camps. I have learnt that by approaching dog training in this way, it is possible to motivate a dog to want to behave positively.


The Best Class For Your Dog

Choosing the right training class for your dog can be a challenge, but it’s important to find the right fit to ensure the best outcome for both you and your furry friend.

Puppy Set Up

Give your puppy the best possible start with a visit to your home to set up their layout and ensure your new arrival settles into its unique environment

Puppy One-To-One Session

Get started by teaching your new arrival to understand basic commands and receive help tackling issues as they arise in the comfort of your home before they enter the big wide world.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Attend group sessions in a veterinary practice with puppies of the same age to learn how to get your puppy to respond to basic commands, as well as tackling puppy problems.

First Walks

Private one-to-one session, including a first visit to a local park, with advice on lead walking outside the home.

Separation Anxiety

Tailored sessions to your specific needs to address problems such as separation anxiety, aggression and reactiveness, excessive barking, destructive behaviours.

Choosing the Right Dog

Personalised advice on breed selection to help you choose the perfect dog for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Legal Advice

Advice services available for legal issues such as dog attacks or dog-on-dog aggression.

30 min Zoom

Remote training

One off – £19.99
6 Week Course – £120.00
Ongoing Monthly Support – £9.99
With a voucher down to- £3.99

30+ Years Experience

Develop a long-lasting bond

It is important to recognise that your dog does not want to be bad – they live in the moment and usually make behavioural choices based on whether they receive your attention. 

With the support of tried and approved positive reinforcement training methods, I can help you to better understand how your dog thinks and therefore develop a long-lasting bond with the pet that you have always wanted.


Collection of positive feedback and endorsements from our satisfied customers

Joe Clarke has been running puppy socialization and training classes at the Amwell Veterinary Practice since 1998. Places on the courses have always been in great demand.

    Dale Barter BVSc MRCVS

    Joe helped me train my Husky. Everyone said when I got her, that I would never be able to let her off lead. After meeting with Joe, he gave me the confidence to try his training techniques and now she is amazing.

      Mal Simons

      Joe, a big huge thanks for all your help and support to us both at puppy classes and at home. Your knowledge is amazing, the way you know dogs (and puppy parents) and how they behave is incredible, you’re a modern day Dr Doolittle for dogs. We really enjoyed your classes and so did our English Bull Terrier, River.

        Susan Bloor

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        Dogs are more likely to learn and follow commands when they are enjoying themselves.